Tag customers based on products purchased

You can use Auto Tags to tag customers based on the products purchased by them. Here's a step-by-step instruction to create a workflow for the same:

Step 1 - Click on "Create Workflow"
Step 2 - Select "Order" as workflow type

Step 3 - Select appropriate auto-trigger events

For instance, you can select "when an order is created" to automatically trigger the workflow on order creation. When a workflow is triggered, it will check for the conditions specified and if the conditions match, then tags will be updated.

Step 4 - Specify conditions

If you want to check if particular SKUs are present in the line items of order, you can specify multiple conditions, one for each SKU, and use the "OR" combinator. The below conditions will match if at least one of the line item in the order has SKU has set to "AD-03-black-OS" or "AD-03-blue-OS".

Step 5 - Choose "Customer" as the entity you want to tag

Step 6 - Specify tags you want to add or remove

You can specify fixed tags, dynamic tags that you want to add. You can also specify the fixed tags that you want to remove or if you want to auto-remove tags that are applied by the workflow after a certain duration.

Step 7 - Save the workflow

Verify the all the confiiguration looks good and save the workflow.

Step 8 - Run workflow on existing orders

You can run the workflow on existing orders (historical orders) which in turn will tag corresponding customers if the conditions specified by you in the workflow match.

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