I see the tag added in the activity log but the tag is not present

The reason behind missing tags is generally things like another app or the merchant working on the tagged resource simultaneously causing the tags added by the Auto tags app to be inadvertently removed. Here are some possible scenarios that could result in missing tags:

1. Shop admin tries to edit and save the entity

Let's say you have configured a workflow in the Auto Tags app to trigger when a new product is created.

  1. A product is created by the shop admin
  2. The workflow configured in Auto Tags is triggered and assuming the new product satisfies the conditions hence tag is added.
  3. The shop admin still has the product page open, which reflects no tag as they have not refreshed the page.
  4. The shop admin modifies the product in some way, and hits save
  5. Shopify receives the product update, which includes an empty list of tags, this empty list removes the tag that was applied by Auto Tags in step 2 above.

In order to solve this, make sure your staff is aware of the potential conflicts and try to refresh the page if it has been open for a long time (or you expect underlying data could have been updated due to some automated process).

2. Another app overwriting Auto Tags changes

If there's another app that is also trying to update the tags at the same time using the REST admin API, there's the possibility of overwriting the changes made by the Auto Tags app. 

The underlying reason is that the older Shopify REST admin API to update tags "sets" the tag i.e, when you call the API, you need to specify a list of all tags that should be present on the entity. While the newer tagsAdd GraphQL mutation accepts the list of "tag additions" instead of providing an entire list of tags. Using GraphQL tagsAdd mutation (that Auto tags use) ensures that it can't overwrite the changes that are happening due to other apps simultaneously.

In order to solve this, you can try using the delay feature in the workflow i.e, trigger the workflow 5 minutes after the product is created which could reduce the possibility of changes getting overwritten by another app.

3. Conflicting workflows in the Auto tags app

It is also possible that you have conflicting workflows in the Auto Tags app itself that are causing one workflow to add the tag which in turn triggers another workflow immediately and removes the tag. You can check the Activity log tab in the app, to identify potential conflicts in workflow configurations. If such conflicts exist, you can see your missing tag being applied and removed as a feed in the activity log. In case you don't find any conflicting logs in the Activity Tab, it means that the tag got removed by someone or something outside of the Auto tags app.

If you found misconfiguration to be the reason and are facing difficulty in resolving the issue on your own, feel free to contact Auto Tags support at support@leapsoft.co

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