Tag Shopify products based on variant options e.g, size, color

You can now use Auto Tags to tag products in Shopify based on their variant options e.g, size, color, material, etc. You can also configure it to auto-remove the corresponding variant tag if the variant is out of stock.

You can configure it under Sync Product Tags Based On Attributes when creating workflow of Product type.

Say a product has three sizes -- Small, Medium, and Large, and 3 colors -- Black, Blue, and Green. Let's assume that each color and size has a quantity greater than 0. The workflow will add the following tags: size-Small, Size-Medium, Size-Large, color-Black, color-Blue, color-Green

Now, if 1 Large Blue item is sold and the item goes out of stock, the app will automatically remove the following tags: size-Large, color-Blue. If you don't want to auto-remove tags when a variant is out of stock, you can specify it when creating the workflow.

Now, if 1 Red Medium item is added to the inventory, the app add the following tags to the product: size-Medium, color-Red

Configuration options:

  • Name of product options to consider -- It is the comma-separated name of product options that you want to use to tag products. Say, your product has three options e.g, size, color, and material and you only want to tag based on size and color, then you should enter "size, color"
  • Option name and value separator -- When creating the tag, which separator an app should use between the product option name and corresponding value.
  • Prefix for Option name -- When creating the tag, you can add an additional prefix to the product option name. For example, If you want to add "Shoe-Size-Large", you can mention "Shoe-" as the prefix.
  • Auto-remove tags associated with variants that are out of stock -- If you want to auto-remove tags that are associated with out-of-stock variants, then you should check this option.
  • Only use option value as tag --  If you only want to use option value as tag e.g, "S", "M" vs. "size-S", "size-M", then you should enable this option.
  • Handleize the tags applied by the workflow -- You can choose to convert the generated tags to lowercase and replace spaces and special characters with hyphens e.g, if a value is "Light Pink", it will get converted to "light-pink"

A great use case for tagging by product variant options is to power search functionality on the site where users can filter out of stock variants.

Here's the screenshot of how to configure the above workflow in the app:

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